adVision FAQs


What does adVision do?

We provide a cloud-based marketing and sales software platform that enables businesses to reach new audiences, generate actionable leads and grow revenues. Established in 2007, adVision has worked mostly in the banking and finance sectors, helping hundreds of banks and credit unions automate their marketing operations via new money acquisitions, cross sell and upsell, plus loyalty and retention programs. adVision is an unrivalled way to reach the right audience, via the right communication channel with the right offer at the right time. Our software platform features integrated applications include social media, CRM, SEO, blogging, financial planning, omni-channel marketing automation, analytics and reporting and inventory management.

Where is adVision’s corporate headquarters?

adVision Digital Communications Solution, Inc.
1605 Grand Avenue
San Marco, CA 92078

Who are the members of the adVision’s management team?

You can view our management team by visiting the Management Team section of our website.

Who own’s adVision?

adVision is a privately held corporation, registered in Delaware

Which markets does adVision serve?

adVision has worked exclusively with the finance sector for over 10 years and is now expanding into key vertical sectors:

  • Insurance
  • Realty
  • Marketing Services
  • Travel & Leisure
  • Automotive
  • Health Care Services sectors


Can I send test emails to check everything is working?

Absolutely. adVision makes this easy as there is a TEST option for every email you create in a campaign that allows you to do this.  This gives you the chance to quickly and easily send a test mail to any number of email addresses to verify all is well with your email’s format and links, etc.

How do I add my custom email template to adVision?

Using the WYSIWG editor easily allows you to copy and paste content from existing templates.  If the template was created using windows authoring tools, adVision’s editor will translate all the links and images automatically. Alternatively, HTML based templates can be imported by copying the HTML source code into the View/Edit Email Content in Source mode.

How can recipients unsubscribe?

We highly recommend you add the Unsubscribe option to every communication you send.  This is very easy to do as there is a special function in the WYSIWYG editor that inserts this special link.  If a contact clicks on this link adVision will automatically suspend that contact from future communications.

How can I resubscribe a contact?

There may be a time where one of your contacts isn't receiving your emails - perhaps an email bounced to them or they unsubscribed. If they reached out to you because they realized they hadn't received emails from you in a while and want to resubscribe there are a couple ways you can get your customer resubscribed:

  • Manually append the contact details from the master list you originally worked from to your adVision Campaign List.
  • Set up a resubscribe Campaign and pull all unsubscribed contacts from your unsubscribe log as the Campaign List for this email.
  •  Simply wait.  adVision will automatically resubscribe contacts after 90 days of unsubscription, if you have that feature enables in your setup.


How do I create or upload lists?

Campaign lists can be imported in two ways:

  • Using FTP: this method is suitable for transfer of large files or a number of files. 
  • File import: this method is suitable for small file transfer.

If a contact is on multiple lists I'm sending to, will the email send multiple times?

If your email is set to go out to more than one list and you have contacts that may be on more than one of the selected lists, adVision will automatically de-duplicate based on the email address. Each recipient will only receive one copy of your email. 

If I import a list two or more times will it create duplicate contacts?

adVision will de-duplicate contacts based off of email address, so importing the same list twice will only result in one contact created per email address.

Where do I find Industry Standard SIC Codes? 

The Standard Industrial Classification SIC is a system for classifying industries by a four-digit code. 

SIC Codes

How do I combine lists?

How can I segment contacts?