Manage every deal, pipeline, and dashboard in one place.

Once a lead is in your funnel, you’ll never lose sight of them again. Add deals with a click, assign tasks to push those deals forward, and track progress in your dashboards. Save even more time by auto-creating deal records when a prospect signs up for a free trial or fills out a form. Never miss a chance to follow up by auto-creating tasks and to-dos whenever a prospect visits your pricing page, a deal changes stages, or a certain amount of time has passed. Closing deals is easy when marketing and sales are always on the same page.

With CRM you get:

  • 300%

    Improvements in lead
    conversion rates.

  • 41%

    Revenue increase per
    sales person.

  • 27%

    Improvement in
    customer retention.

  • 24%

    Shortened sales

  • 23%

    Decreased sales and
    marketing costs.